Şaban Temuge Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
VET School

Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational high school

Our organization is a VET school offering education in hotel management and catering fields in Yalova, Turkey since 2001. It gives education and training in two different fields as Food and Beverage Services and Accommodation and Travel Services. We have four different subbranches as housekeeping, front-desk, service and cooking.

Our school, Şaban Temuge Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, and our training hotel serving in connection with the school are institutions which have been founded to train qualified and well-educated staff for the developing tourism sector with their 37 teacher and administrative staff, 23 qualified instructors, 8 contracted employees and 350 students. The four-year vocational training of our students is carried out with school education for nearly three years and periodical sectoral hands-on training for nearly one year in total.

Our school has a well functioning training hotel allowing our students to have practice-based training. It offers accommodation services with 65 guestrooms and 140-bed capacity. Our students have the opportunity to transfer the theoretical education given at school into practice-based learning with face-to-face interaction and guest relations in a real hotel environment. Learners get hands-on training at our training hotel on a circular shift system. Every week, a group of 25 students gets training by working with their VET teachers and assigned qualified instructors. Besides, we have also two hands-on training labs in our school building for each of the four subbranches.

The project’s target group in terms of learners is the students of the front-desk and service departments. Currently, we have about 150 students studying in these departments. In addition to the vocational education given at school, they also get hands-on training in our training hotel and internship practice in other hotel institutions and workplaces which our school is contracted.

The education staff consists of VET educators, teachers and qualified instructors most of whom have sectoral experience from different tourism fields in addition to their academic background in VET. Especially, our VET educators have a high level of tourism knowledge and experience as they worked in different departments in hotel institutions before starting their teaching career. They have references related to their past experience in their CVs.

Our language teaching staff is also a strong group with educators taking place actively in the implementation of international projects. They are not a separate group form the VET staff as they teach vocational lessons, too. They have vocational knowledge and competencies of the tourism field beside their pedagogical content knowledge in language teaching.

We work devotedly in order to provide quality education in our school as a team of administrators, teachers and qualified instructors. There have been lots of studies and projects to enhance quality in our institution which has been training personnel for the tourism sector since 2001. All these studies and projects have been completed by detecting the inadequacies in our institution and following new educational methodologies.

As our school is a VET organization offering practice-based training in hospitality and catering fields, the project topic has the uttermost relevance with our educational vision. We give education to our students with a hand-in-hand approach with external partners from the tourism sector such as hotels, restaurant and tourism agencies. We are aware of the educational expectations of these sectoral partners. We improve our education strategy to meet their expectations.