Colegıul Economıc Ion Ghıca Braıla
VET School

Colegıul Economıc Ion Ghıca Braıla

The Economic College «Ion Ghica» is a high school, professional and post-secondary educational institution established in 1966 under the title of Economic High School, one of the 7 high schools in the country sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, which receives in 1972 the name of 'Ion Ghica', the initiator of the study. political economy in our country. With a privileged status in the structure of the Braila pre-university education, the Ion Ghica Economic College is a school unit that prepares specialized personnel for the qualifications required on the labor market in the services field: "Technician in economic activities", "Technician in commercial activities", " Technician in tourism "," Technician in gastronomy "," Technician in administration "," Management assistant "," Waiter "," Chef "," Patisserie baker "and" Hotel worker ". The specific aims of our school are: 

- formation of students with an active, competent, motivated personality, capable of choice and decision; changing the role of the student from the object-subject of the education in the real partner of the teacher in this complex process of instruction and education;

- promoting the education for a healthy life among the students by integrating in the teaching process some fundamental elements of health education;

- formation of a responsible attitude towards the environment, awareness of the irreversible effects of the environment caused by man and with negative impact on its existence, prevention of natural and social imbalances;

- ensuring equal opportunities for all students of the school by forming a solid general culture based on the compulsory core of educational disciplines, in relation to which the evaluation through examinations (of the baccalaureate, graduation, admission to post-secondary schools, colleges, faculties) is carried out ; Continuing the education reform process by emphasizing and strengthening the autonomy of the school in the sense of increasing its quality.